I am George, a Destination Wedding Photographer

Growing up, I loved drawing, painting, and anything to do with design, and it was at Audio Visual arts University of Corfu that I discovered photography was my thing. After spending years honing my craft in Studios and Commercial Photography, I became a full-time wedding photographer in 2018. I’m based just outside Thessaloniki in the Greece, and have been fortunate enough to travel to many corners of the Europe with my work. I am certified wedding and portrait photographer from New York Institue of Photography where i imrpoved my skills,my knowledge and I delved even deeper into the art of photography.


Being able to artistically capture natural, authentic moments and tell the story of your wedding day in a captivating, creative, and organic way is so important to me. I like to work collaboratively with couples who enjoy my work and trust me to catch the big moments and the small, carefully curated touches, so you can stay fully present and enjoy the day. My vision is to capture the authentic energy of your wedding day, with nothing staged. I take an energetic and imaginative approach, combining documentary photography and fashion editorial with the celebrational element of weddings.


On the day, I’m relaxed and discrete, moving with the natural flow of things and blending into the background – almost like one of your guests with a camera. I may make small suggestions, like portraits at dusk or when the light hits just right, but my main focus is capturing natural moments as they unfold. 


IYour wedding day is a tapestry of emotions, moments, and love stories woven into a beautiful masterpiece. With over 7 years of experience, I understand the profound significance of this day in your life and strive to encapsulate its essence through our lens. With a blend of artistic vision, technical expertise, and a keen eye for detail, we embark on a journey to document the magic, romance, and unique narrative of your celebration. From intimate glances to grand gestures, we aim to create an authentic visual narrative reflecting your special day’s genuine emotions and beauty. My commitment is to craft timeless imagery that captures not just the moments, but the love, joy, and connections shared, ensuring that your memories are preserved in a way that resonates for generations. Trust me to be your storyteller, dedicated to freezing these cherished moments into an exquisite collection of photographs you’ll treasure forever.

Private Sessions

Capture the essence of your business or the intimacy of your relationship with our tailored private photography sessions. From professional headshots to showcasing your brand’s story, our business sessions are meticulously designed to elevate your image. For couples seeking timeless memories, our sessions are crafted to encapsulate the unique bond you share, creating a visual narrative of your love story. Our portrait sessions focus on highlighting your individuality, capturing your personality in stunning detail. With a keen eye for detail and a commitment to delivering artistry in every frame, our private sessions promise an unforgettable experience, preserving moments you’ll cherish forever.


Preserve the sanctity and joy of your little one’s christening ceremony with our specialized photography services. Our goal is to encapsulate the profound significance of this milestone event, capturing the cherished moments filled with love, faith, and family. We understand the importance of this sacred occasion and strive to artistically document each heartfelt moment—from the solemn rituals to the shared blessings and celebratory gatherings. With a keen eye for detail and a sensitivity to the significance of this event, we aim to deliver a collection of timeless images that reflect the beauty and spirituality of your child’s christening day. Trust us to craft a visual story that honors the sanctity of this occasion, providing you with cherished memories to treasure for a lifetime.

Partners & My Team

After years of experience I have created a trusted team of photographers and videographers who together will capture your most beautiful moments. Each with their own artistic perspective complement each other creating a unique result from every angle.

For the printing of the albums we work with the best companies in this field in Greece Albumake and Iconnet creating a result exactly as you have imagined it with the highest quality.


album printing company


album printing company


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